How to Watch your Favorite Television Show

There are many ways you can watch your favorite TV show on your work or home PC. And as a result of technological advances in computing, it has never been so easy.

The advent of new hardware and software solutions has made it possible to display your computer in audio / visual dynamo! It is now possible to customize your computer so that it has 5.1 surround sound capability and HDTV compatibility.

Watch through your DVD player
Having a DVD drive on your computer can be the easiest way to be able to watch your favorite shows on your computer. All you need to do is go out and buy or rent, your favorite show from your neighborhood video shop, slide the disc in the drive and enjoy the movie.

No hassle and no need for additional installations or upgrades.

The only downside is, your alternatives are likely to be limited and will likely be based on the available titles the store is taking. If the show you want to watch is not available, either you try another store or you have to watch it.

Get a TV toner.
As the name implies, it is compatible with available free-to-air programs and displays them on your own PC monitor. TV toner cards are relatively inexpensive. They can fit on a PCI slot on your computer’s motherboard. And using the bundled software that comes with the card, you will be able to ‘surf channel’ on your PC at any time.

The downside to using a TV toner card is that you can be prevented from selecting only available free-to-air programs. If the show you want is not available, just try another channel.

And sometimes, depending on your location, the reception can be quite short because free air signals are often affected by weather and location.

Search and download:
Now there are websites that allow you to share saved TV shows and movies from one computer to another, even in some DVD format!

All you need to do is find the title you want to download and see the results. The sheer number of PCs connected to the network means that you have the best opportunity to choose the title you are looking for!

This technique only requires a fairly fast broadband connection, especially when the downloaded show is saved as a large file.

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